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It’s always just one distraction after the other. However many you seek, you will not be able to find your inner calling, your innate talent. The more that I’ve sought out, the worse things have become for me. However rough we become, there’s a reality out there. Our reality, not our fantasies are the ones we have to own up to. Recently in my personal life, a death has been made up for a new life. However harsh that may sound, we have to move on no matter how hard the struggle. Keeping my head up has been the hardest thing to do for the past five years of my life. I am lucky, but in no way or form do I feel a smudge of luckiness on myself. I’m learning to cherish the things, places, and most importantly, the people around me. Whatever may come and whatever tomorrow brings is a mystery. No matter how hard it is for you to do something, fear must be conquered. So far, I’ve let life conquer me and not the other way around. Letting go is one part, dealing is another. I’m trying my ultimate best to live with passion, and no distractions but sometimes it’s okay to just feel how you feel. 

A story once told, (or to be seemed as) 

Through tragedies and hardships, she roughed. Although she surrounded herself with people she could “trust”, the momentary complacencies were never really enough. Always estranged and always doubtful, she continued to drag her feet through the broken world searching for something meaningful. Hope was instilled in her, as it is in many, if not in all beings. Countless endeavors and countless encounters and countless conflictions lead to a memory filled with nothing but an homage to the days that could have been, would have been…in order to re-fill her soul with hope.

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